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A niche business consulting platform focused on Small & Medium sized Businesses & Internet Startups, helping them realize their true potential. Offerings are designed to help technology/internet startups reach the much desired self sustaining mode in the minimum possible time frame. Whether it is analysis of a business model, a business plan roll out, execution of strategic marketing initiatives or just an operations troubleshoot, Proideaz understands your needs & helps in design and implementation of customized solutions.
What do we cater to?
  Have an idea but don’t know how to make a business case out of it?
  You know that your business would fetch good returns but don’t know how to model the financials?
  Don’t know what the market for your product is?
  Or how to take the right message across?
  Don’t know what would be the ideal price point for your product/Service?
  Don’t know whether to enter this Geography or not?
  What and How to approach for funding for your concept?
  Am I ready with the right stuff to go and approach funding?
Proideaz is a one stop solution to all your queries? We help you design and structure your ideas into tangible result oriented Business Models ready for execution. The team at Proideaz are experts in the fields of Strategy Design, Financial Modeling, Branding, Research, IT solutions and Resource Planning.
How we do it?
The Work starts with a preconsulting assignment to understand the industry dynamics of the service or product offering and the viability of the Concept. The TEAM during this tenure works as the idea critics and breakdown the offering from a critical viewpoint; wearing multiple hats of a promoter, consumer, employee and an investor.
This gives the TEAM an insight into the offering and people behind the same. The idea behind the Preconsulting engagement is to share an honest and an unbiased feedback on the offering from a third party perspective.
Above : TEAM refers to team Proideaz.
Furtheron : TEAM refers to Proideaz and the Venture.
Consulting Engagement
Business Plan Design
The Formal Consulting engagement starts with discussions within the TEAM on the structure of the Business Plan and research on the potential Business Models. The activities run along the Market and Industry research inherent and indespensable to successful business decisions.The financial model is designed within the definitions of the constraints and the available resources.
Executive RoadMap
Beyond GO NO GO, a structured approach alongwith the business model is framed on milestone based pointers. The executive RoadMap establishes time based reachpoints. The roadmap lays down delegation matrix of the specific tasks alongwith timelines and establishes authority-responsiblity relationships within the new TEAM. The Resources & constraints are reevaluated and partner connects and extended networks utilized.
The Rollout
The Roadmap Elements are put to execution with specific team members working on different aspects of the Plan as decided. Proideaz takes the role of the System Integerator as well as the strategic consultants alonwith the designated roles while monitoring the whole execution.
The Success
The objective is to take the venture to self sustaining levels in the minimum time frame. Post this milestone the target and the aim is revised to reach the sky beyond...
Clients talking
  This is just a quick note to thank Proideaz in our strategic planning and rollout initiatives for the venture. We at ConceptGears are impressed in how efficient the services are and how much we’ve benefited in our critical analysis sessions with you. Your business insight is refreshing, extremely candid and inspiring. We appreciate the introduction initiatives and the efforts towards resource planning to help us structure the rollout. Proideaz passion is evident in every call, meeting and email. We really feel like you are one of the team. You have helped us define our market, build the market development plan, resource plan and our Go-to-Market strategy. I appreciate your team's insights and dilligence and look forward to working again with your company  
Daman Soni
{ConceptGears, Founder}
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